Craft the perfect brand experience and build connections with your community with our carefully curated selection of products. KIT is backed by USP’s 30 years of excellence in design, print production & full service fulfillment.

What's in a KIT?

Want to keep attendees at your virtual events more engaged? Looking to send new employees some love with an on-boarding package? Have a new product you want to create some buzz around? KITs do all these things and more.

More simply put, a KIT is a swag pack full of goodies to send to your consumers and teammates. This can include printed informational material, everyday items like bottles and notebooks, and almost anything else you can think of, all sent in a beautifully branded box. And best of all, we give you the ability to manage all your swag straight from our cloud-based database. Our goal is to make building and elevating relationships as uncomplicated as possible.

We pack and ship all the best items, and you get to reap the benefits of creating a powerful, lasting impression. Nothing tells your clients, “You’re appreciated,” more than a customized and thoughtful gift straight from you.

Our Mission

To make putting your brand in the hands of customers and team members an effortless experience.

Build Relationships

This is the heart of our company. We want to create lasting impressions and relationships between you and those that matter most to your business.

Reduce Stress

Let us do the heavy lifting. You already have enough to take care of! Leave the work of production, shipping and storage to us.

Always Improving

One thing we know after 30 years in the business is that true progress comes from constantly striving for a new best. Every. Single. Day.


Bring Value

We’re only here because we truly believe you’ll love and benefit from the results of a KIT campaign.

With 30 years of experience in Swag Packs, Print Production & Fulfillment, We Can Design, Produce, Pack, Store and Ship

The Story

At KIT, we make reaching out to the people that matter to you simple. We know that the logistics behind creating a pack full of exciting, quality items can be a lot, and that’s when our 30 years as an industry leader comes into play. What started as a humble, local print shop has evolved into a powerful one-stop solution that offers innovative ways for companies to connect and build relationships with their customers across the world. We have the design savvy, print capabilities, warehouse management knowledge, shipping relationships and trade experience to make sure you get the best product and service out there. Above that, as a family-owned and operated company Kit knows the value of a strong relationship… and we’re here to help you create the same with your audience. Together we are a team of entrepreneurs, marketers, printers, designers and creators, and most of all, we are here to help you.


How it Works Internally

1. Concept Genaration

You’ve got needs, and we’re here to help you meet them! Whether you come to us with a perfected idea or you’d like our help brainstorming, we’re ready to assist from start to finish.

2. Design Process

Once we get the ball rolling, our in-house designers can help put together your perfect KIT. We can help with everything from logo creation to item design and pack layout.

3. Production

This is where we bring your KIT to life. Tell us what you want and we’ll get it for you, and, like always, quality is 100% guaranteed.

4. Assemly

Once your items are selected and ready to go, we assemble and get everything ready to ship out straight from our warehouse to your contacts.

5. Shipping/Distribution

Manage your inventory and tell us where your packages are headed and when you want them to get there! We’ll make sure everything gets there on time and in perfect condition.

6. Storage/Fulfillment

Not ready to send everything out at once? We can store your KITs in our warehouse – when you’re ready to send, simply request shipments from your personalized user dashboard!

1 Stop One Solution


Our customers have trusted USP for over 30 years in all areas of design, production, fulfillment, and marketing support.

Our Team


Reza Khazraei

CEO and Founder

Reza has been an industry leader for 30 years – his experience brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to KIT’s team. If there is a question about print or production, he has the answer. Always down for a good time, Reza enjoys nothing more than a day out sailing with family and friends.

Jessy Khazraei

Sales Director

Jessy is the creator and analyst of our team. She heads the sales and production departments, making sure all of our clients are always 110% satisfied with their product. If you can dream it, she can make it happen!

Justin Khazraei

Operations Manager

Justin’s eye for detail is like no other. With so many moving parts in our warehouse, we can always count on him to make sure things stay moving in the right direction.

Brian Manchip

Production Manager

Brian has forever and always been a pivotal piece of KIT’s team. He ensures our manufacturing processes run reliably and efficiently, organizes production schedules, and can never say no to a good energy drink.

Patricia Zogg

Office Manager and Billing

The person on the team that knows everything about everything all the time. She is the backbone of our office and is there to make sure things are always running smoothly.

Gino Sartoresi

Warehouse Manager

The powerhouse that puts the method behind the madness. Our team wouldn’t be complete without his masterful receiving, warehousing, and distribution expertise


Ali Shadman

Integrations Advisor

Ali is the master of all things IT. He keeps everyone effortlessly connected and ensures that our backend operations are faultless. It’s safe to say his favorite word is probably “functionality”!

Alexia Sanchez

Shipping Manager

The guru of shipping rates and timelines, Alexia is the reason our clients’ kits get to their destination on time, on cost, and in perfect condition.

Alisha Kent

Customer Success Specialist

Alisha is a people-pleaser in every sense of the word, and this translates seamlessly to her work at KIT. Her dedication to customer service is why our customers are always coming back for more!

“USP Group are excellent partners for our business. They got us up and running quicker than any 3PL I’ve worked with before and are fast, accurate and cost effective. They have helped us keep up with demand as the business has grown and have aided us in garnering an excellent delivered customer experience with much input from their expert design team. I highly recommend their services!”

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